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About me

My name is Patricia Mas March, I was born in 1988 in Mallorca. I am the Founder, Fashion Designer - Artisan and Art Director of Pat Strenc, a brand that I registered in 2012.

Since I was six years old I have always had a vocation and passion for the world of fashion, and all my studies have been focused on art and design. This pushed me to leave the island and fly to Barcelona, where I began my career as a Fashion Designer and after five years of studies, I decided to continue my studies in Madrid and later in London with Art Direction.

Creativity is my day to day. I have the gift and the facility to conceptualize or deconstruct any object, garment or idea, and transform it into a great powerful visual project with a story behind it.

My life is full of geographical changes and Ihave prompted me to create my "own world"In constants adventures.

I decided to start alone in 2019 preparing with great dedication, passion and love my first small collection of clothing and bag production. To this day, I continue working creating small capsule collections of timeless women's clothing and accessories, and introducing handmade garments where  fashion and art merge.

I would define myself as a person with great artistic sensitivity, excellent eyes for detail, a lover of nature and animals.


I do not conceive creativity without harmony. Everything has to have a connection.



I believe in limitless creativity where you express a way of seeing life, where you create your Universe and there is a differentiation with the rest. Where your own instinct leads you to a path full of dreams, meanings and visions. Ready to show the natural beauty to the world.

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