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 I do not conceive creativity without harmony.

Everything has to have a connection.


Patricia More March

Founder of Pat Strenc


Pat Strenc Concepts

WOMEN Pat Strenc

She is a woman, of natural beauty, warrior spirit and adventurer with a soul of fire who likes to be guided by the unconventional. A sensual, powerful woman with a free soul who knows how to bring out her wildest side in a subtle way. She is one who passionately lives each element that nature offers her, enjoying its strength, diversity and magic. A passionate about discovering any corner of the world, where she plays with the different sensations that it transmits to her, escaping into a parallel world in which she is the protagonist. The captain of his life.


It is that common factor that we all have, some reflect it in their way of living, others in the perspective in which they see things, others show it with their attitude and others through their physical appearance. The wild self pushes us to be a free soul and enjoy the things we like best following our principles. 


A creative, powerful woman, created with eagle eyes that offer her a panoramic and detailed vision of the world. A free-spirited and adventurous woman. A wild soul, who has a passion for traveling and exploring.

A woman who likes to wear garments made of natural, flowing and creative fabrics, feeling the strength that they transmit to her.


She is passionate about discovering any corner of the world. An adventurous, warrior, fighter and confident woman with resistance to changes. A lover of animals and nature who passionately lives each element that nature offers her, enjoying its strength, diversity and magic. A woman who likes to wear natural fabrics in neutral tones.


That feminine, sensual, flirtatious woman who enjoys the sensations that the ocean transmits to her and moves according to her feelings and emotions. She likes to wear transparent fabrics where the vast majority of blue and green colors predominate. A woman passionate about the sea. His disconnection, his peace, his escape route, his inspiration.


It is indestructible, strong and survivable. A warrior who despite adversities, fights for a better future and never gives up. Like the Torii gates, despite living through a war they remain intact, they are resistant and remind us that no matter how complicated things get, they persist. 


It is that eye with excellent skills for detail, visionary, which allows you to have an anticipated and panoramic vision of fashion trends in the world.

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